MELTT 6/8, a playlist by MELTT Magazine on Spotify

I’m back! We have some Cool Announcements and Changes coming up soon. (Like within the next week?)  

Hope ur day is good :) 

Featuring: Kississippi Gleemer Have Mercy Super American Prince Daddy & the Hyena Remo Drive twenty one pilots Aly and AJ  Cheem Expert Timing

“Once Good” by Kississippi - Very, very sadly, I will be absent from all dates this Have Mercy /Kississippi/Gleemer/Super American tour. These first few songs reflect that. 

“Gauze” by Gleemer - Still sad. 

“Let’s Talk About Your Hair” by Have Mercy - So, so sad. 

“Good Boy” by Super American - I am currently the personification of “I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad” by Crash and the Boys (see the Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack  and you’ll get it. Or just watch that movie.) 

“If I’m Still Broke by Christmas” by Prince Daddy & the Hyena - Big week for P Daddy- not only did they announce a tour with Remo Drive and Field Medic, but today they released their first EP on tape with Chatterbot Records. Here’s the infomercial. Order one, they’re about to sell out, if they haven’t already by the time this goes up. ****edit: Beach Bunny is also on this tour! 

“Song of the Summer” by Remo Drive -  The Brooklyn date for this tour is right on the tail end of summer, ironically, which means I’ll be waiting the entire summer in deep anticipation.

“House of Gold” by twenty one pilots - This is perhaps the closest thing I get to overlap between my sister and my music taste. She always asks me to throw it on when I get the AUX in transit. 

“Potential Breakup Song” by Aly and AJ - Who knew Aly and AJ would be selling out dates in 2018? 

“Shine Sprite” by Cheem - Honestly just a fun fucking song by a band that deserves more fucking attention. 

“Make It Better” by Expert Timing - the bass line in the intro of this song is The Shit, in a great way.