We back in action with POST-FEST COVERAGE.

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Featuring tweets from: @foxydads @OfAllThingsAli @TaylorCocke @JustMooseStuff @mudflapps88 @thaweakdays @creepqueen @ColdWrecks @sydmarkelle @ellie_hart_tho @miguelwithsound @stan_henry @freethrowemo @pdaddynthehyena

This situation that this tweet came out of is super weird, but then again so is all of Fest. Ilana speaks the Truth.

really, really can’t argue with that.

One morning I ran out so quick that I forgot to brush my teeth, so I just hit my mint juul all day instead, because it is fucking Fest.

The true heroes.

I don’t really know exactly what this means but I wish I had watched them to find out tbh


And I’m sure they did.

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For me at Fest, significantly less puking happened than I thought, and I too hope to increase those numbers next time around.

Yes, I am promoting my own personal tweet here, because I think it’s underrated and fucking FUNNY and god knows we were all thirsty thots this weekend. pic by pic by

the people wanted it I gave it to ‘em heres an epic pic of Toey Jobin schwasted

Let’s Get This Bread is undeniably one of my favorite memes at the moment and the fact that it was adjusted for the staple purchase of Fest warms my heart.

I walked a shit ton but I think my main food group was beer and the secondary one was pizza.

Free Throw were the true heroes of Fest this year, and they speak eloquent and undeniable Twitter truths., photo by @joeytobinphoto (, photo by @joeytobinphoto (

The most wholesome Fest activity to occur all weekend…. how could I leave out this pure and famous moment?

So there it is, my completely subjective and very biased favorite Fest tweets. Hope you enjoyed!! Thanks to all the tweeters!

SPLIT: The Weak Days / Foxy Dads' "Sweet."


Just in time for a jaunt down to The Fest 17 next week, The Weak Days and Foxy Dads are releasing a split through Chatterbot Records on October 19. Take a listen here.

The complimentary sounds of Foxy Dads’ self described and truly accurate “Goth Pop for ABBA fans” and The Weak Days’ colorful & queer pop punk sound balance; though the sound may be different, the candid lyrics and obvious passion match each other.

In December 2017, Foxy Dads put out their first LP Songs from the LIRR, on Chatterbot Records after The Weak Days’ July release, Tight.

Along with fourteen minutes and forty-four seconds of BOPS, the split is brilliantly packaged to match the theme of both the title of the split and— to an extent— the music itself. A skillfully simplistic design by Brooke Marsh, the book resembles a Japanese fruit box with the and features illustrations provided by Ilana Hope.

Take a look below— if you can’t snatch one on their upcoming tour dates the remaining will be available online.

At Fest, catch both bands on Saturday the 27th. The Weak Days at 3:50pm at Loosey’s and Foxy Dads at 6:30pm at The Boxcar.


Designed, constructed, and self-published at Studio Two Three in Richmond, VA, Fall 2018, by Brooke Marsh. twitter: @brokmash // insta: @brookea.marsh

This cassette tape book was constructed with .07” Daveyboard, artist-made screen printed cotton book cloth, shredded cardstock, & foam netting. Illustrations provided by Ilana Hope.

17.5cm x 13 cm x 3.5 cm

The Fest 17 - Friday's Best Under 1000

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Welcome to the beginning of MELTT’s Fest 17 coverage! We’re going to be down in Florida in a few weeks getting the low-down on all the happenings of Fest and the sets you NEED to be catching.

This playlist consists of some of the best songs that have less than 1000 Spotify plays. All the artists on this particular playlist are playing on Friday 10/26. We’ll have a version of this playlist for bands on that Saturday and Sunday too! Along with a little bit of commentary, the time & location of their sets are included.

featuring: We Bless This Mess Greg Rekus Sarchasm Billy Reese Peters Sandspur City Starter Jackets Headlines Four Lights Hans Gruber and the Die Hards California Cousins

We Bless This Mess - “Live For Today” - “Conscious Folk Punk” from fucking PORTUGAL! Definitely catch this set… you need to see this band and, unless you live in Portugal, this might be a rare opportunity. - Civic Media Center, 9-9:30pm

Greg Rekus - “Never Satisfied” - Another international artist, canadian Greg Rekus has toured from Canada to Ukraine to Mexico and everywhere in between- along with releasing three independent full length albums of folk-infused rock and roll. -- Civic Media Center, 8:20-8:50pm

Sarchasm - “Cut My Hair” -  “Don’t tell me because I already know that I’m a lie” Sarchasm, from Berkeley, CA has been tearing up the west coast for years, and I am very sad that I am just NOW running into them. According to the Fest bio, their favorite pizza topping is “Pesto or cheese + olives!” which is probably the most unique that I have seen.  - Boca Fiesta/Palomino Pool, 7:10-7:40

Billy Reese Peters - “The Night ‘Dude’ Became A Four Letter Word” - Billy Reese Peters’ bio is literally just “The party ain’t easy” and their favorite pizza topping is “Lizards”, so I think that pretty much encapsulates the vibe of the music, honestly. -  Durty Nelly’s, 10:30-11pm

Sandspur City - “Hey Dude, Your Dad’s a Dick” - Opening with pop punk-ish guitar riff, one of my favorite parts of this song is the lyric “I know I’m fuckin up, you know I’m fuckin off”. I’m listening to this on the train right now, and I can already tell that it’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. - Durty Nelly’s, 9:40-10:10pm

Starter Jackets - “Northender” - I am not much of a dancer, but this song makes me want to dance. It actually makes me feel really, genuinely more confident. “I’m building my masterpiece but it ain’t time to show it/I’m the king of this goddamn town but nobody knows it” - Durty Nelly’s, 6:20-6:50pm

Headlines - “Teething” - Hailing from NYC, Headlines is the result of seasoned pros who describe themselves as “melodic garbage punk”. You know they’re too legit to quit by both the infectious chorus of the song and the fact that they don’t have a favorite pizza topping in their bio… I’m assuming this means that every topping is their favorite. - High Dive, 6:30-7pm

Four Lights - “Again and Again” - “Why does it always end like this / one more shot and one more miss”. These Seattle pop-rockers wake up the sometimes tired idea of a literal “I miss you” song in “Again and Again”.   - Mother’s Pub, 6:30-7pm

Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - “My Bad Luck”- Even though their set starts at 4:50, I fully expect everyone to put all of their energy into moshing for this 54 second song. -  Mother’s Pub, 4:50-5:20pm

California Cousins - “Sand in Pockets” - One time I was making a grocery list for my mom and not paying attention to what I was writing and accidentally wrote “california cousins” on it, because that’s how hooked I am on this band. -  Rockey’s Piano Bar, 10:30-11:00p

Keep an eye out for more FEST content in the coming weeks!