MELTT is six months old today! What the heck!!!

As a relative newcomer to DIY, the crap that I’ve learned over the past six months has been INSANITY. I’ve made many a friend, listened to a TON of music I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and am now working on a whole frickin’ charity thing??? Who would have thought that an adventure I started as something to do on my boring commute could turn into such a big part of my life, right?

There are so many people I’d like to thank for helping me out along the way, and I know I can’t remember all, but here’s a start: Alex from Chatterbot Records for working with me while I was still a lil’ baby music magazine, Henderson & everyone else from The Alternative for being supportive of my various endeavors, everyone at AGL Sounds, Zach from The Platypus for dreaming big and working hard, Save Face for keeping me involved in writing about music when I was just about ready to quit, all of the people I’ve had on to do guest playlists, Future Teens for taking the LEAD DIY signs on tour and generally being great, and Hannah Feldman for keeping me from grounded when I go on big idea-rants. In addition, thanks to Isaac, Bri, Ilana, Jhanna, and Jordi for, like, making awesome music and being my friends.

I did a thing today where I made a playlist that has a song from any playlist that’s been posted on MELTT (it’s 117 songs long.) Here’s who it’s featuring, but honestly I don’t have the energy to link everyone here, so just catch it on twitter:

Prince Daddy and the Hyena, Save Face, Jimmy Mayo, Halogens, Super Whatevr, Mom Jeans.,and Slaughter Beach, Dog, ManDancing, The Fratellis, Remo Drive, Future Teens, Foxing, Jake Bugg, Dryjacket, Dogleg, Origami Angel, Michael Cera Palin, Kississippi, A Boy Named John, Hit like a Girl, Rat Kid Cool, Andy’s Room, Hodera. Joyce Manor, Macseal, Childish Gambino, Tipling Rock, Green Day, Graduating Life, awakebutstillinbed, Bob Dylan, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Get Tall, Weatherbox, Foxy Dads, Glocca Mora, Charmer, Ross Livermore, Knee Breaker, Wild Pink, Retirement Party, blink-182, Surfer Blood, Sailor Boyfriend, Hobo Johnson, (Sandy) Alex G, Ness Lake, oso oso, Pictures of Vernon, Bay Faction, The Front Bottoms, Good Old War, The Story So Far, Shawn Mendes, Toy Cars, Foxwood, I’m Glad It’s You, Frank Ocean, Third Eye Blind, Absinthe Father, Worst Party Ever, Hit Like A Girl, Great Wight, Cloud District, Just Friends, Harry Stylers, Equipment, Heart Attack Man, Modern Baseball, Saltlick, Tiny Moving Parts, The Cast of West Side Story, The Cast of Hamilton, Natural Born Kissers, Super American, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, The Obsessives, Rome Hero Foxes, Jetty Bones, Barely Civil, Mom Jeans., Lily James, Great Grandpa, Adele, Table Talk, Fall Out Boy, laughingstock, Mitski, Bottom of the Lake, Brewster, and The Happy Alright.

Here’s today’s playlist. I hope you keep enjoying :)