laughingstock - 8/9

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Today we welcome Washington band laughingstock! Check out their new album, Thank You, Laughingstock out now! 

Featuring: Laughingstock  Sun Kil Moon The Co Founder Mitski Lorde  Ryan Adams Cataldo Kithkin Andy Shauf Ray Lamontagne Shame Rush 




Laughingstock - Heavier

Here’s our shameless self-promotion to kick things off and get out of the way! We released our first album a few weeks back, and we all feel like this track exemplifies our sound pretty well.

Josh (drums, vocals, piano):

Sun Kil Moon - Carissa 

In the last year or two this has become my mindless go-to when asked my favorite song. I could listen to Mark Kozelek ramble for hours (I have), but “Carissa” is such a succinct and harrowing exploration of everyday death that I’ve started to have a hard time casually listening to it. Favorite storyteller by far.

The Co Founder - Full Stop 

I’ve yet to meet these guys, but they’re my favorite Bellingham band around. They don’t really play up here anymore, which is a shame, but they just signed to Slang Church, so I’m very excited for where they’re gonna go next. This is the first single from their new album Gymnasium that came out last week (which y’all should check out!).

Mitski - Townie

An absolute banger! Mitski pulls off some extremely unexpected vocal melodies, and the guitar absolutely shreds. Makes me want to rebel against something just for the hell of it.

Lorde - Supercut

I worked as a janitor for a dermatologist building last summer when Melodrama came out, and I listened to it so much there that I can’t detach thoughts of one from the other. I’d been in a happy relationship for some time, but “Supercut”— and that whole album, really— helped me come to terms with an old relationship that soured over time with me going off to college. Lorde has a gift for simply explaining the complex, fucked up feelings of teenage nostalgia, and this song has made me cry while wiping down reception rooms.

Ryan Adams - When the Stars Go Blue 

I have an almost pathological desire to write a perfect American prom song, but I don’t know if I could ever top this one. I think Ryan Adams is at his best writing these genuine, endearing ballads, and this song hits a wonderful note just short of the oft-overdone, vague love songs that permeate bad high school dances.


Aiken (Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums)


Cataldo - Between You and Me 

Easily my favorite Seattle artist, Cataldo’s voice holds a special place in my heart. This song specifically is a wonderful driven pop song that reminds me of the best parts of being in love. It’s nostalgic, hopeful, and brings a smile to my face everytime.

Kithkin - Sorcerer

Kithkin was the first band I found that made me feel special, that I had found this hidden gem that belonged only to me. I have so many memories of my teenage years tied to these guys. This song is a declaration of moving forward. That even in the face of despair and darkness, we persevere.

Andy Shauf - To You 

No one goes harder on the clarinet than this guy. In this song my favorite songwriter of the time, Andy Shauf tells a beautiful story about a friend confessing his love and homosexuality to another friend. And then being rejected. This album as a whole is so carefully arranged, recorded, and mixed. I come back to it over and over again. I first discovered this album walking the streets of Hamburg at night and it’s the first thing I turn to now whenever I want to drink and go walking.

Ray Lamontagne - Such A Simple Thing

This is simply a beautiful love song. I just recently discovered Ray, but his voice is so enticing to me. I can listen to him in the background for hours and feel at peace. I recently saw him at Sasquatch Festival (RIP) and his performance made me fall in love with him.

Shame - The Lick

ANGST. THESE GUYS MAKE ME FEEL SO MUCH ANGST. Such a clever song. It’s energetic, hard-hitting, and just fun.

Alex (Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Piano)

Rush - Tom Sawyer 

Nowadays I’ve been trying to delve into more “complicated” music. Rush is one of those bands that so beautifully blends together pop sensibilities and intriguing intricacies, and I find myself learning a lot from their music. From its rebellious lyrics to its beautiful and sleek production, Tom Sawyer is a song that keeps me coming back for more, both from a place of musical technicality, but also pure glorious songwriting.   

Kids See Ghosts - 4th Dimension 

I don’t listen to much hip hop, but Kanye and Cudi’s new project is the best of the best. The crazy sample and terrific bars on this track are a recipe for a banger.

The National - Nobody Else Will Be There 

I didn’t get into The National until this year. They are everything I need in my life. Dark and dense lyrics, a smooth baritone, and beautiful instrumentation all contribute to sound that is constantly revealing new parts of itself to the listener. Nobody Else Will Be There is the best album opener I’ve heard in a long time.

Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn/ Where is Your Boy 

You can’t overestimate what Fall Out Boy did for Pop Punk. Their debut album “Take This To Your Grave” is grade A emo through and through, and “Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy” captures the vibe and emotion that typifies the genre. The production on this project is great too. A big sound with no bells and whistles, and just enough grit to keep it feeling authentic all the way through.