MELTT Daily - 8/7

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I hope your day has been going very well!!!! this playlist is a reflection of my Good Day on friday!!!

featuring : Foxy Dads  save face  With Friends Like These Fool Heavy Watsky Slaughter Beach, Dog  Table Talk oldsoul Barely Civil  Color Tongue 

Foxy Dads - “Water Signs” - Only got to see SF live on Friday in Amityville through the intense kindness of Ilana letting me crash at their place!!! Thank you!!!!!!

save face - “Bad” - Finally got to see these pals live :’) I’m getting the “Bad” single album art tattooed on me somewhere you heard it here first (or, if you know me in real life, for the millionth time)

With Friends Like These - “Two Weeks Notice” - With Friends Like These is a dynamic and underrated band that pulls together the best parts of a number of solid influences for the quintessential fresh pop punk sound. Highly recommend this song, but mostly the entire album.

Fool Heavy - “Pulp Friction” - I have no idea how to describe this song. Like, “happy-angry”? Like it makes me feel a level of frustration but it’s not necessarily negative. Either way, I like it.

Watsky - “Welcome To The Family” - we support artists and writers with disabilities, particularly with epilepsy! George Watsky not only raps about his experience with epilepsy, but also has an essay about it in one of my favorite ever books, his memoir, “How To Ruin Everything”. Also, this is his new song.

Slaughter Beach, Dog - “Phoenix” - I am playing my First Ever Open Mic this week, and I am very nervous!! And I will be playing this song!!! Please send vibes!!

Table Talk - “Evident” - I was pretty generally overwhelmed for a large number of reasons both positive and negative on Friday, so I kind of had to go back and listen to Table Talk to truly get a better idea of their sound. After going through their self-titled a couple of times, I’m excited to go see them again :)

oldsoul - “Easy Without Me” - oldsoul played a show with saltlick last night and this is a saltlick stan blog so here’s my fav oldsoul song bc they roq and are currently touring across the country!!!

Barely Civil - “I’ve Been Getting Headaches Lately”  - Thank u to the pals of Barely Civil for letting me snag a bit of their merch table to set up to benefit LEAD DIY at their NJ show on the 17th!!!

Color Tongue - “Family Bbq” - Discovered via Friday’s show at Amityville Music Hall, Color Tongue’s lyrics in this song give me a bit of an early Front Bottoms’ vibe. (I’ve found that people either take this as a compliment or an extreme dis… I mean it in a good way!)