MELTT 8/22

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Brewster - “Kiss Me While I'm Down” - Brewster was a twitter introduction, as many of the artists I feature are. I PROMISE that the next music-related purchase I am involved in will be this.  


laughingstock - “Coffee” - This is such a wholesome song y’all. I want to play this over a Two Lovers’ Lazy Day In Bed montage in some sort of movie.


The Front Bottoms - “Maps” - Haven’t featured my main guys in a while, and CERTAINLY haven’t featured their s/t. (Also had a dream last night that they were gonna feature LEAD DIY signs at their shows, I cried it’s fine.)

Absinthe Father - “I Wish I Was The One Who Sent You To Jail” - Haley is a wonderful person who is vocally supportive of accessibility and their music deserves your listen send commentary

Plain White T’s - “Hey There Delilah” - I literally can’t believe I’m featuring this song but apparently someone’s making a TV show about it and I couldn’t not do it I’m sorry

California Cousins - “Asprin” - Cali Cuz’s released this new album at the end of last week, check it out here!

The Story So Far - “Take Me As You Please” - New track yesterday from TSSF, which came alongside an “eh” fall tour announcement.

Bad Bad Hats - “1-800” - “You touched me on my shoulder blade, soft like a tomb / I wanna hear you tell me you don’t know what you’ll do / the words you were not saying nearly filled up the room” well fuck

Just Friends - “Sick of It All” - I just needed some JF crew in my life today, okay???

Toy Cars - “Albatross” - Bought this 7” the other day, I promise not to use it as a frisbee