MELTT 8/02

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The first daily playlist I've made in a whole bunch of time please be gentle!!! 

Featuring: Toy Cars saltlick Short Fictions Jimmy Mayo Foxwood Coco Soundtrack Buggin Barely Civil Barely March Basement Foxing

Toy Cars - “Sarah 1908” -  Hey u still down to get Save Face tats??

saltlick - “Mint Green” - my friend wrote and released a really cool song a few weeks ago and is also playing with oldsoul in Pittsburgh on monday, which you should all go see!!

Short Fictions - “Ellen (A Song About A Book)” - Not only is this band awesome, but they are also made up of excellent houseguests, and I’m preeeeettty sure they’re gonna collab with my dad and start a Ska band

Jimmy Mayo - “Self Reflection” - another release from a week or so ago from a good pal of mine!

Foxwood - “Death Star” - Jordi ate a lemon 2 weeks ago and gained a cult following and is now a contributor to The Alternative! And they’re releasing new music soon and let me tell you it’s  PRETTY dope. (Also it’s their birthday on Sunday!)

Coco Soundtrack - “Remember Me (Lullaby)” - it is no secret to the world that I am emotionally inclined to torture myself and let me just tell you that Coco (the soundtrack that this song is on) fucking BROKE ME

Buggin - “cedar key” - the aforementioned Jordi turned me on to this album and, although I am not subjected to the humidity and heat on Florida levels, I really vibe with the sentiment of “a lazy empty summer”.

Barely Civil - “North Newhall” - This song was just released on this dope split with Barely March!

Barely March - “The Ending of Halo 3” - This song was just released on this sick split with Barely Civil ;)

Basement - “Disconnect” - This track was released yesterday and was met with grand approval from my friend/local Basement expert Julian.

Foxing - “Nearer My God” - Foxing released another single yesterday, but prior to that they released this track in English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. All the versions can be found on a youtube playlist here.