itoldyouiwouldeatyou - 8/13

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Today we welcome (I think) our first artist from the UK - itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Here are some of Joey's top picks, as well as some well-written commentary on why they're so special to them. Check out itoldyouiwouldeatyou's single off their new EP Get Terrified, also titled "Get Terrified". Give the music video a watch now! 

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flirting. - Peppermint

flirting. are a band we’ve been friends with for a little over a year and we try to make sure we can play shows with them as much as possible. They only have two tracks out but everyone I know absolutely cannot wait for what they put out next. Live they have a real post-punk vibe and the set closes with their singer Poppy losing their mind through a tiny pink megaphone. This song is catchy as fuck and I’m in love with this band.

Idles - Danny Nedelko

No one I know doesn’t like Idles. If you’re reading this and you know me and you don’t like Idles, you don’t know me anymore. It’s over. We’re done mate. The world needs a hooky working class punk song about solidarity with immigrants right now.

Cassels - When Completing Handshakes

Why won’t these guys let me feature on a track? I can sing! I can sing good! When I hear sick records like this from Cassels it’s great and all but I’m just like, ‘where’s mine?’. Where’s mine, Cassels. Release bad music so I don’t want to do a feature any more. Where’s mine.

Granola Suicide - Consumerist Healthcare

Indigo from GS is one of my best friends in the whole world and honestly I’d jump in front of a train for them. This track makes me cry and it has done since I heard the very first demo of it. Indy is better than us all.

Farewell Continental - Capybara

I recently rediscovered this band, which was a Motion City Soundtrack side project. It seems to be them just getting all of the 90s alt-rock out of their systems which pushes some very emotive and foundational buttons for me. The whole thing is designed to be this time capsule of what would have been chart toppers in 1996 so of course the hooks are phenomenal.

The Get Up Kids - I’m Sorry

I met one of my best friends (and our driver), Dockers, watching The Get Up Kids at Reading just after they reformed. Seems like way fewer UK bands cite them as an influence than US bands which is sad. They were doing the power pop/emo thing so early and the as time goes on the more forward thinking that looks. This track is as catchy a song as they’ve ever done, and I’m just stoked beyond belief that it came out on Big Scary Monsters, in 2018.

Nervus - It Follows

Nervus are the band I wish I’d had growing up. This song is, if you can imagine, even better live. Just the sweetest, most fun and inclusive vibes. Tryna keep the bouncy alt rock vibes up for the opening salvo of the playlist til we take a trip to synth town where the streets are paved with…. Macbooks.

Kero Kero Bonito - Only Acting

KKB are the voice of a generation of cheerily depressed peripheral Londoners. Sarah is a master of tone of voice in delivery. It’s like she’s daring people to think of her as cute because in the end she’s having the last laugh. Honestly, she’s a genius and no one has summed up the brighter side of our generation’s experiences as well as she has. Fun fact: their live band now has Jennifer Walton on it who, as well as being a fanatic solo artist, plays guitar in our South London faves Socket. I also believe this track has guitar from James Rowland who used to play in Fresh. So essentially I woke up one morning and one of my favourite bands had two mates in it. Sick.

Pusha T - If You Know You Know

This is just classic Pusha T. Not sure what to say other than that his music  was a big part of my teenage years and my respect for his output grows every album cycle.

Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes

I didn’t believe people when they said post-New Perspective P!ATD was good. I was a fool. Like, every chart songwriter at the moment is trying to work out how they can use elements of trap as bells and whistles on their standard ballads but PATD are actually understand and implementing the signifiers of other genres to make the song better. That, and fuck me this is fun as shit to sing along to. Reminds me of when Fall Out Boy first put out From Under The Cork Tree and I wanted to hit all the notes just like he did.

Tatarka - Altyn (Gold)

Honestly this just bangs so hard. I don’t have a translation so I don’t know if the lyrics are like actually disgustingly bad or something, but it’s just incredibly fun.

SOPHIE - Immaterial

This year, the real, actual Queen of England gave us a perfect record. This track comes after a section of the record that a lot of people criticised for being meandering. Quite apart from the fact that that section of the record is genius and clearly an exercise in alienating people who want to review her music like she’s fucking Justice, this track cuts right through the bullshit and just gives us a pop banger. Lyrically, it says more than the metamodernist manifesto ever could - and that’s my very favourite manifesto.

Denzel Curry - CLOUT COBAIN

Songs are good. Records are good. But far better is when a release so perfectly expresses a feeling and an aesthetic as well as a sound. This record does that perfectly. Down to how the tracks are typed out this record just feels like a whole piece. The man deserves a grammy if only for naming a track ‘Black Metal Terrorist’. Incredible. The best song name I’ve ever heard.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Secret Boy

Yeah I know he’s goofy but no one wants to acknowledge how much influence he’s had on where counterculture has gone over the last few years. I’m fascinated by this guy. He just does his weird thing and suddenly it’s huge and everyone’s on it. He just plows ahead. Who else can you say was the principal songwriter in one of the biggest bands of the emo revival and is literally the guy who signed Lil Peep?? No one does that.

Tyler, The Creator - 435

I still get butterflies when I see Tyler’s dropped something new. I think to a lot of kids his voice is just like a time machine back to being 17, drunk and just stoked to be outside and talking to people. Guy is a cultural mastermind too, he deserves so much more props than he gets.

Chance The Rapper - 65th and Ingleside

Chance might be the most consistently high quality mainstream artist going at the moment. The guy never phones in it, he’s always saying exactly what’s on his mind with the best words in the best order. Last week I was exhausted standing on Prinsengracht with my headphones on at like 9am, just crying at how much this guy loves his wife. I don’t even know him.

The Waterboys - Whole of the Moon

If you’ve ever been out with me, odds are I highjacked the aux and yelled til you listened to this. If that has happened to you, I have two things to say:

1. I’m sorry for yelling

2. I’d do it again

Nothing touches me like this song. Every instrument is perfectly placed, no one fighting for attention, just allowing tyre beauty of the part to come through. On the top of it sit some of the most genuinely touching and profound, joyful lyrics ever recorded. It’s like listening to being in love.

Florence and the Machine - Hunger

This is such a good example of a track I wish I’d written, honestly. I’ve been dancing around may fear of talking about my issues with eating etc. in my work for years. I always just wanted to write a song that talked about my feelings with this much raw honesty and kindness to myself. But Florence Welch went and did it for me. Thank you Florence Welch.

Matt Maltese - Nightclub Love

The hook to this totally goes the opposite way to how you’d expect. It’s the kind of hook kids who shred piano write because they can see the notes way more clearly than I can. Every time I hear it I just want to recreate how he came up with that chorus so I can get better. He’s also just like, a lovely guy? I genuinely don’t know him that well but the few times we’ve met he’s just been the sweetest dude?

Lil Peep - Benz Truck

You need me to explain why this man’s the voice of a generation of kids the world has failed? OF COURSE YOU DON’T. He saw a trend that was waiting to explode and just nailed it. Most importantly he made as bunch of kids feel better about themselves. That’s what this job should be, and pretty much nothing else.

Leningrad - Не Париж 2 (Not a Paris 2)

This may come as surprising but Leningrad are so high up on my list of artists to work with. The production is always so self-aware and poppy, it’s always hooky, and they’re succeeding as being a mainstream anti-establishment band in Russia. Quite apart from that, they represent something a lot of Western artists completely disregard in that they are marketing themselves almost entirely to Russians. They aren’t trying to please me. Which is inherently very valuable.

Keane - Bedshaped

I hate irony. I really think it gets in the way of talking to people. So I want to say, with no irony, Keane are an incredible band and if we wrote a song half as satisfying as this one I could retire happy. THANK U KEANE

Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

On our Instagram we have this joke where we play the start of this song as a way to accent great distress, like when you realise you’ve run out of sriracha. We felt it was a strong and marketable meme format, but unfortunately it has yet to take off. It’s one of our highlighted stories on our instagram. Please help us make a famous meme. I’m so cold.

Also this song is a real earworm, it’s not a joke anymore I love it.