So I personally haven’t really done a playlist in two weeks! And I hate that.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve had to take a step or two back and kind of re-evaluate what’s going on. Right now, I work a customer service job at a venue in New Jersey, but not full time. I spend 5-ish hours a day commuting (I don’t drive). There’s been a lot of taxing stuff going on in my personal life. I generally do not have a lot of time, and spreading myself too thin is highkey fucking with my mental health and keeping me from doing the things that I want to do—which includes MELTT, and now LEAD DIY.

In the past 72 hours, LEAD has fundraised over $1000—money that will go to epilepsy awareness in DIY (and other spaces) by sending out signs to whoever wants them. (Fill out this form to get them!)  To keep encouraging people to be aware of invisible illness and light effects at shows and in general. With that influx of a ton of money, I’ve spent these past days trying to figure out the legal-whatever of becoming an organization, the best way to spend the money and make LEAD a sustainable non-profit that still meets its goals, and laminating and mailing stuff. Which is awesome! But I don’t have time to keep up with MELTT or try new things along with this project. So we’re going to test out making some changes:

CHANGE 1: I personally am not going to be making a playlist every day—but rather Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The rest of the days will be dedicated to guest playlists or reviews or other fun stuff.

CHANGE 2: I’m getting help! The wonderful Hannah Feldman has agreed to come on and help with day-to-day building playlists and things of that nature! I’m still going to be managing communication with guests (mainly!) 

So I'm just going to take a baby step back for a second and test the waters. MELTT is always trying to expand with the help of all of you & your creative ideas. If you ever (in any way) want to be involved please feel free to DM me or shoot me an email!