tyler plazio - 5/25

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Thanks to tyler plazio for hooking us up with this guest playlist! If you're an NJ reader heck out their show in New Brunswick tomorrow night, DM @tylerplazio on twitter for addy! 

tyler plazio is an indie punk/emo artist from Washington, D.C. His debut EP “Memories” is available everywhere now. tylerplazio.com

Featuring: Derek Evry Darryl Rahn Elephant Jake Gay Nineties Attic Abasement Wil Wagner Just Nick Lincoln Mom Jeans

Derek Evry - “I’m Sorry That You Had To Go To Hell” - Derek is one of my all time favorite people from around here. He makes some loud punk shit, but this has always been one of my favorites of his.

Darryl Rahn - “Learning To Let Go” - Darryl and I met at this crazy songwriting retreat in upstate New York and ever since then we’ve been real tight. His new record has one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life on it, but his new record isn’t out yet. So here’s this one instead :)

Elephant Jake - “Sebastian Bauer” -  This song cranks. Sal is a cool dude. That’s it.

Gay Nineties - “Letterman” - I literally know absolutely nothing about this band except one day I found this song on Spotify and that drum intro hooked me in right away.

Attic Abasement - “Australia” - My girlfriend hates this song but I think it’s cool so here it is.

Wil Wagner - “Eviction Notices” - Wil is the singer of this DOPE band from Australia called The Smith Street Band. I love them but when I found this record it made me so happy, it’s like pretty Smith Street Band haha.

Just Nick - “I Hate Everything” - The line about God being dead makes me laugh everytime. I want to be his best friend, maybe I’ll tweet at him when this comes out.

Lincoln - “How I Survived Bobby Mackey’s Personal Hell” - I don’t have many comments on this one except Lincoln is a good songwriter and he should put out more shit.

Mom Jeans. - “Scott Pilgrim vs. My GPA - Audiotree Live Session” - Well as everyone knows Mom Jeans. is the best band of all time, HOWEVER, what you may not know is that this is the best Mom Jeans. song and this version is 1 million times more hype than the record version.