MELTT Daily 7/13

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Happy friday the 13th! You should go get a tattoo. 

Featuring: WATERMEDOWN Rome Hero Foxes  The Orwells Rarity Kayak Jones Against Me! Summer Wars  Hamilton The Music Man  Green Day 

WATERMEDOWN - “Search Box” - Such a simple first lyric that’s the definition of millennial relationship recovery.

Rome Hero Foxes - “Horoscope” - This band is The Shit, and “the best band you’ve ever sent me” according to former guest playlist-coordinator Julian Cruz.

The Orwells - “Mallrats (La La La)” - This was recommended to me by a guy on tinder who was intrigued by my current listens, so I gave it a shot and LOVED. Come to think of it, I should do a playlist of recommendations from people on tinder.

Rarity - “Exhale” - This song resides somewhere in between acoustic and rockin’ sad vibes.

Kayak Jones - “Matter (accoustic)” - Another acoustic sad vibe song that lowkey made me cry at work. No big deal. “Just stop saying that there’s next year/cause I don’t think I’ll make it past today”

Against Me! - “Thrash Unreal” - My friend Nick (actually also a former Guest Playlist-er) was always a big Against Me! Person but I could never really get into it, until today, apparently. I also just really appreciate this band and their story.

Summer Wars - “End of an Era” - This is a great opening track to Summer Wars’ 2018 EP. (And I fucking love the album art.)

Hamilton - “The World Was Wide Enough” - For all of you normal people, this song is from the musical Hamilton. This song in particular is about Hamilton getting shot in a DUEL with the then VICE PRESIDENT, Aaron Burr. He died. No one knows what the fuck happened except for the 5 people who were there, all of whom are long dead. The two backup people that Burr and Hamilton brought made an agreement on the boat back across the Hudson (they fought in Weehawken NJ) to never, ever tell anyone what actually happened. Which frustrates me. That was 214 years ago, like, 2 days ago!

The Music Man - “Goodnight My Someone” - This was on my list of “favorite songs from musicals” and I recently learned how to play a version of it on guitar; once you listen to it I guarantee it will be stuck in your head.

Green Day - “American Idiot” - Ok, I’m aware that I JUST had this on the playlist, but it’s fucking charting in the UK right now for Trump’s visit. That’s amazing. Props to the UK for elevating an album released almost 15 years ago to the top of the charts in the digital age.