LEAD DIY - Lighting and Epilepsy Awareness Development in DIY

I didn't get to see The Incredibles 2, and this I am very upset about. 

The reason for such a travesty is simple: the lighting in the movie is dangerous for people with epilepsy (yours truly) and other photosensitive disorders (flashing lights hurt them). 

This baffled me. Surely, the Walt Disney Company that has a PR team of roughly a bazillion people should have seen through what I understand to be a MAJOR PLOT POINT as a legitimately harmful trigger for a very serious illness, especially one most common in children. How is there not an industry standard in policy regarding triggering an illness that so many people suffer from? Did they just not realize this could happen? Or was it just a side note that wasn't worth spoiling the plot of the movie over? 

There is no motivator such as frustration, and I am frustrated. 

While I can't tell the entire entertainment industry how to, you know, warn people that they might have a seizure, I can at least attempt to help in my own community. Hence the launch of LEAD DIY, an initiative to help bring awareness to the music community I like to think I'm becoming a part of. 

Here's what we can do: make ourselves more conscious of lighting at shows. Hang signs (I made some ~nifty~ examples here) and post in Facebook events ahead of time to say it's safe for people with epilepsy or those who are sensitive to light, or that there's intense lighting, like strobes.  Learn what to do if a person has a seizure. Educate yourselves. Ask questions! Hell, ask me questions! 

As usual, I have no idea where this initiative is going to go, or how it's going to go. I expect it to evolve over time into whatever it needs to be. In the meantime, I've thrown together some resources over at melttmagazine.com/LEADDIY, a page that's also in the navigation bar above. 

Feel free to check it out, participate if you want, but most importantly, talk about it! Be curious.

Thanks already for the support, y'all.