SPLIT: The Weak Days / Foxy Dads' "Sweet."


Just in time for a jaunt down to The Fest 17 next week, The Weak Days and Foxy Dads are releasing a split through Chatterbot Records on October 19. Take a listen here.

The complimentary sounds of Foxy Dads’ self described and truly accurate “Goth Pop for ABBA fans” and The Weak Days’ colorful & queer pop punk sound balance; though the sound may be different, the candid lyrics and obvious passion match each other.

In December 2017, Foxy Dads put out their first LP Songs from the LIRR, on Chatterbot Records after The Weak Days’ July release, Tight.

Along with fourteen minutes and forty-four seconds of BOPS, the split is brilliantly packaged to match the theme of both the title of the split and— to an extent— the music itself. A skillfully simplistic design by Brooke Marsh, the book resembles a Japanese fruit box with the and features illustrations provided by Ilana Hope.

Take a look below— if you can’t snatch one on their upcoming tour dates the remaining will be available online.

At Fest, catch both bands on Saturday the 27th. The Weak Days at 3:50pm at Loosey’s and Foxy Dads at 6:30pm at The Boxcar.


Designed, constructed, and self-published at Studio Two Three in Richmond, VA, Fall 2018, by Brooke Marsh. twitter: @brokmash // insta: @brookea.marsh

This cassette tape book was constructed with .07” Daveyboard, artist-made screen printed cotton book cloth, shredded cardstock, & foam netting. Illustrations provided by Ilana Hope.

17.5cm x 13 cm x 3.5 cm