Luciano Ferrara - 7/26

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I picked a wide variety of songs ranging from a reggae track to my favorite Joey Bada$$ song (there's even a song from a soundtrack that someone special got stuck in my head). I also threw in a few friends' songs, as well as work from artists I feel are underrated and deserve attention, like Absinthe Father. This isn't an underdogs list, or a Most Popular mix; it's just songs I really dig, and am hoping you'll like too! Go find your new favorite artist, or reconnect with one you already love. You never know what kind of surprises you find in music.

Featuring: Future Teens Joey Bada$$ Capital STEEZ Just Friends Gorillaz Ziggy Alberts  Save Face WATERMEDOWN mewithoutYou  Fionn Regan Family Thief Max Romeo, The Upsetters Losing Streak Lily James Mom JeansPrince Daddy & the Hyena Kississippi  D.I.D Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra The Mountain Goats Soul Blind Absinthe Father


Future Teens - “Expiration Dating”

Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ - “Survival Tactics”

Just Friends - “Flex”

Gorillaz - Magic City

Ziggy Alberts - “Gone (The Pocahantas Song)”

Johnny Manna - “Trance”

Save Face - “Weak”

WATERMEDOWN - “God I Found Hell”

mewithoutYou - “Lilac Queen”

Fionn Regan - “100 Acres of Sycamore”

Family Thief - “King of the Floor”

Max Romeo, The Upsetters - “Chase the Devil”

Losing Streak - “Chew Well”

Lily James - Mamma Mia

Mom Jeans. - “now THIS is podracing”

Prince Daddy & the Hyena , Kississippi - “Thrashville ⅔”

D.I.D - “Killer Whale”

Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra - “Holy Cannoli”

The Mountain Goats - “Damn These Vampires”

Soul Blind - “Junior”

Absinthe Father - “Bee”


Thanks for swinging by, Luciano! 

tyler plazio - 5/25

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Thanks to tyler plazio for hooking us up with this guest playlist! If you're an NJ reader heck out their show in New Brunswick tomorrow night, DM @tylerplazio on twitter for addy! 

tyler plazio is an indie punk/emo artist from Washington, D.C. His debut EP “Memories” is available everywhere now.

Featuring: Derek Evry Darryl Rahn Elephant Jake Gay Nineties Attic Abasement Wil Wagner Just Nick Lincoln Mom Jeans

Derek Evry - “I’m Sorry That You Had To Go To Hell” - Derek is one of my all time favorite people from around here. He makes some loud punk shit, but this has always been one of my favorites of his.

Darryl Rahn - “Learning To Let Go” - Darryl and I met at this crazy songwriting retreat in upstate New York and ever since then we’ve been real tight. His new record has one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life on it, but his new record isn’t out yet. So here’s this one instead :)

Elephant Jake - “Sebastian Bauer” -  This song cranks. Sal is a cool dude. That’s it.

Gay Nineties - “Letterman” - I literally know absolutely nothing about this band except one day I found this song on Spotify and that drum intro hooked me in right away.

Attic Abasement - “Australia” - My girlfriend hates this song but I think it’s cool so here it is.

Wil Wagner - “Eviction Notices” - Wil is the singer of this DOPE band from Australia called The Smith Street Band. I love them but when I found this record it made me so happy, it’s like pretty Smith Street Band haha.

Just Nick - “I Hate Everything” - The line about God being dead makes me laugh everytime. I want to be his best friend, maybe I’ll tweet at him when this comes out.

Lincoln - “How I Survived Bobby Mackey’s Personal Hell” - I don’t have many comments on this one except Lincoln is a good songwriter and he should put out more shit.

Mom Jeans. - “Scott Pilgrim vs. My GPA - Audiotree Live Session” - Well as everyone knows Mom Jeans. is the best band of all time, HOWEVER, what you may not know is that this is the best Mom Jeans. song and this version is 1 million times more hype than the record version.

Mira MacNeill - 7/23

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Here's a playlist courtesy of my friend Mira! thanks pal <3 We're back! Needed a little break for a second.

Featuring: Champagne Superchillin’Alvvays, Save FaceBROCKHAMPTONRex Orange CountyDayglowSatellite ModeMitski, Con DavisonWhatever, Dad

Champagne Superchillin’ - “Fragment” - I love french music more than I love myself. This one particularly makes me feel like I’m about to commit a heist.

Alvvays - “Saved By A Waif” - I saw Alvvays at a local festival last week and they’re just as great live. This album was one of my favourites of last year. Absolutely slaps.

Save Face - “Reds” - The only reason I listened to this album was because of MELTT, (thanks Mira :) )  so it felt appropriate to put on here. I listened to this while walking to work today and got way too pumped.

BROCKHAMPTON - “1999 WILDFIRE” - My dad likes this song (says it sounds like Outkast) so this one’s for him. This song makes me want to exclusively listen to songs where people rap about wizards.

Rex Orange County - “Never Enough” - I like to listen to upbeat songs that make me happy on rare occasions. This is my July one.Hinds - “New For You” - Last month I listened to this song so much it skewed my top Spotify artists for the year. My dad says it sounds like a bunch of 6 year olds screaming so if that's what yore into hit this song up.

Dayglow - “False Direction" - I use every opportunity I have to shout this band out. They’re a pretty tiny band, but everything they’ve put out so far (only three songs) has been great. Please watch the video for “Can I Call You Tonight”.

Satellite Mode - “Terrified” - This particular song was co-written by a favourite folk/rock musician of mine - the frontman of Del Water Gap. It reminds me of the kind of music i listened to c. 2014, and I legally have to like it for nostalgia's sake.

Mitski - “Nobody" - This is really a bop if you (like me) are depressed and lonely this summer. I love a good sad song you could dance to.

Con Davison - “Subtle Kick” - Con is the drummer of MN band Bad Bad Hats and his new solo stuff has been great. This and "Somebody Else" are on HEAVY rotation for me - really worth a listen.

Whatever, Dad - “Death of the Phone Call” - I haven’t taken French since 9th grade but I know enough to know that this song is about a swordfish that lost its phone?? If that doesn't intrigue you I don't think we can be friends.


"Merci" by Save Face

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.31.34 PM.png

I’ve written some version of this commentary between 10-15 times, this is the LEAST personal version I could possibly boil it down to, and it's still inappropriately personal. 

So in the past three weeks I started a campaign to bring awareness to epilepsy and lighting in live music, and my good friend and next-door neighbor died of a drug overdose.

Needless to say I was a little nervous for this album, given what I’d read in this sweet interview with The Alternative. Without my giving too much away, the narrative focuses around a couple, their drug use, and how it affects them.

I listened to the album the minute it came out on Bandcamp (because that’s just the kind of girl I am) and enjoyed it immediately. Based on commentary/warnings from the band, I knew that the visual album, which you can find here on YouTube, had lighting that I probably wouldn’t be able to consume due to my epilepsy.

In most cases, I’m not *super* sensitive to light in terms of video, but for some reason I was to this particular format, a kind of separation of between the CYAN colors. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d venture to say that the lighting displays an innate discomfort by having color separated and kind-of forming a split reality. This, on a physical level, bothered me. Because of my epilepsy and my light sensitivity, it made me nauseous and dizzy, and I had to take a nap. (It’s cool. I love naps.)

I went into watching the video with the full knowledge that this could happen, and when it did happen, I stopped. I am so grateful to the band for providing these warnings about ALL the videos ahead of time, because if they had not, I may well have ended up in the hospital. I’m so, so appreciative of their warnings, but I was disappointed based on my own nature—would I be missing out on a big part of an artistic experience based on restrictions out of my control? I sat on that for a while and tried to gather my thoughts for a review of the album.

For the past three weeks I’ve thought and talked almost exclusively about epilepsy, shows, and their interactions-- even at the job that I actually make money at! I’m slowly gathering support for LEAD DIY (the epilepsy project) from both my friends and people on the internet, and I am so excited for that. I bought a laminator yesterday, which to you is a very boring thing, but is a very important purchase for LEAD! Then on Sunday, that project kinda flipped the fuck on its head.

During the first band’s set at a show, the lighting director of the venue used moderate flashers. Not strobes, but every once in a while would flash a pretty intense light. (Soon after the band asked them to stop— one of their members actually had epilepsy as well.) This normally didn’t bother me, but set off a series of sporadic and panic-y thoughts in my head about what would happen if I had a seizure. They were slow and gradual, but sped up so rapidly that I had to leave the show. I didn’t stop shaking or crying or moving or some combination of the three for almost my entire trek across 2 states and 4 trains.

The next morning, I called into question pretty much everything that I’m doing. Was it worth going to shows if there was always the risk of panicking at such simple lighting, or seizing with lighting more intense? Is this going to happen all the time? Do I even continue doing this if it has such a capability to enforce palpable effects on my own health? Is there a place for a person with epilepsy in music?

Then I listened to this album again.

This time, trying to get another level of understanding, I read the lyrics at the same time I was listening to the music. It completely changed my experience. Knowing the general narrative but not being able to SEE it in the same way everyone else did gave me the opportunity to come up with my own story, how it fit into my life, and what it might mean to other people-- as opposed to trying to imagine the story everyone else was seeing.

So, here’s how Merci is fitting into my life, because it isn’t fair of me, a 22-year-old in her dad’s home office borrowing his standing desk at 11:26PM, to tell you how and what you should think of someone else’s art.

The album starts off on what I interpreted as an anxious and panicked note; “Bad” was the one music video I’d made it all the way through, as there were no severe cuts or changes in light that were presented in quite the same way as the other videos. The entire first verse epitomized my feelings regarding taking on LEAD, especially after the panic attack at the show: “Said you got it bad/saw you wrote it on your hands/so when your head is buried in ‘em, you won’t forget/that you never had a chance”

Since the way I processed the visual element of the album was reading text as opposed to video, I weigh the lyrics heavily in this interpretation.  “Blues”, again in my own life, teetered between the idea of not being in control, but not wanting to let other people control you. At the end of the first verse, the lyrics go “Back when I knew what I was doing with my life. And I don’t think that I can go back”. I keep going back and forth on what I want or what I need it to mean—are they yearning to go back to a stability that doesn’t exist, or is that comfortability and stagnation now the scary part?  

Considering my best ideas, stupid meanderings, and most terrifying thoughts come post-1AM, “Weak” really chimes in with “Apparently I’d rather complicate my life than get some sleep”.

While it’s obvious that “I need a crutch/I need a chemical with a name I can’t pronounce” isn’t about my daily doses of anticonvulsants Fycompa and Lamotrigine, the concept of reliance on synthetics resonated in “Jonesin’”.  “I think I’ve hit rock bottom/with translucent orange bottles/and now I’ll never leave”. This song kind of sums up the beauty of interpretation—it’s written to/for/as people who struggle with drug abuse, but somehow still resonates with me ina  completely different fashion.

“Pour” flipped this album for me. In terms of content an lyricism drug use is prominent, but this is the first we can actually hear the loss and sorrow it can cause in the music. It got me thinking about how my friend Matthew, his life, and loss thereof fits into my life now. It’s something that I’m still trying to figure out, and I think I always will be.

To me, the next two songs are the positive effort and attitude that people who are grieving sometimes front; there’s clearly denoted pain in the vocals and lyrics, but there’s also a very distinct chime hit at 0:37 in “Mercy”. On a personal level, “Plans” fits well into my friendship with Matthew—many plans were made, less carried out.

“Nothin’” “Reds” and “Love” sound like dissolving, like everything’s falling apart again. While each of the songs sound very different, it all contributes to this whirlwind conducive to collapse. The concepts of betrayal, looking for vices, and loss of love run rampant, with lyrics like “’Another day, another dose’ has got me feeling comatose now” and “I got nothin’ worth wakin’ up for now”.

After that whirlwind combo of Nothin’/Reds/Love, “Rien” floats in and is a calming penultimate track that makes you take a step back, and we end with “Yours”, a track that I honestly can’t really publically speak on right now.

I’m a little sad that I don’t get to see the visual album. But without the search for another visual element when absorbing this album, I wouldn’t have found the same meaning in it—meaning that I’m currently using as stamina to keep striving to find a place in music and life, even when it’s not comfortable or convenient. There is a place for people with epilepsy to work and be involved in the music scene, and MY place is to make it known. To surround myself with caring people, and make other people care more.

Tyler says in his interview with the Alternative that “the enjoyment that I get from making something is all I really need to do it.” I resonate with his art, and with that sentiment; my commentary on and taste in art is a way to express my feelings to myself. If you all want to read them, go ahead.


MELTT Daily 7/13

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Happy friday the 13th! You should go get a tattoo. 

Featuring: WATERMEDOWN Rome Hero Foxes  The Orwells Rarity Kayak Jones Against Me! Summer Wars  Hamilton The Music Man  Green Day 

WATERMEDOWN - “Search Box” - Such a simple first lyric that’s the definition of millennial relationship recovery.

Rome Hero Foxes - “Horoscope” - This band is The Shit, and “the best band you’ve ever sent me” according to former guest playlist-coordinator Julian Cruz.

The Orwells - “Mallrats (La La La)” - This was recommended to me by a guy on tinder who was intrigued by my current listens, so I gave it a shot and LOVED. Come to think of it, I should do a playlist of recommendations from people on tinder.

Rarity - “Exhale” - This song resides somewhere in between acoustic and rockin’ sad vibes.

Kayak Jones - “Matter (accoustic)” - Another acoustic sad vibe song that lowkey made me cry at work. No big deal. “Just stop saying that there’s next year/cause I don’t think I’ll make it past today”

Against Me! - “Thrash Unreal” - My friend Nick (actually also a former Guest Playlist-er) was always a big Against Me! Person but I could never really get into it, until today, apparently. I also just really appreciate this band and their story.

Summer Wars - “End of an Era” - This is a great opening track to Summer Wars’ 2018 EP. (And I fucking love the album art.)

Hamilton - “The World Was Wide Enough” - For all of you normal people, this song is from the musical Hamilton. This song in particular is about Hamilton getting shot in a DUEL with the then VICE PRESIDENT, Aaron Burr. He died. No one knows what the fuck happened except for the 5 people who were there, all of whom are long dead. The two backup people that Burr and Hamilton brought made an agreement on the boat back across the Hudson (they fought in Weehawken NJ) to never, ever tell anyone what actually happened. Which frustrates me. That was 214 years ago, like, 2 days ago!

The Music Man - “Goodnight My Someone” - This was on my list of “favorite songs from musicals” and I recently learned how to play a version of it on guitar; once you listen to it I guarantee it will be stuck in your head.

Green Day - “American Idiot” - Ok, I’m aware that I JUST had this on the playlist, but it’s fucking charting in the UK right now for Trump’s visit. That’s amazing. Props to the UK for elevating an album released almost 15 years ago to the top of the charts in the digital age.



MELTT Daily 7/11

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.47.45 PM.png

Chumped - “Eleanor” - A Brooklyn group vaguely reminiscent of new Retirement Party!

twenty one pilots - Jumpsuit - this is top’s first release since 2016 (on the Suicide Squad soundtrack), and came along with another song, a video, and an album release announcement-- Trench is set for October.

Watashi Wa Dance Party - “Mio” - This Skate Pop gang from San Diego is the epitome of modern rock ‘n roll.

Hot Mulligan - “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?” - Not only am I seeing HM on Sunday, but they also popped up on my friend Kerrigan’s insta story outta the blue! U rock Kerr!! Miss you <3

Super Whatevr - “Kathrin with a K (Acoustic)” I didn’t realize there was an acoustic version of this song until I accidentally came across it the other day and immediately added it to my sleepytime calming playlist.


Green Day - “American Idiot” - I’m especially hating America today, mostly due to the fucked up healthcare system! Please enjoy the musical manifestation my frustration.

Fiddlehead - “Lay Low” - One of the many, many skilled and energetic bands that have come out of Boston in the past few years.

Childish Gambino - “Summertime Magic” - a new Gambino summer sex song (maybe one of their last releases? I heard that somewhere a while ago?) with a sick beat. Can you believe that “Awaken, My Love” came out two years ago?  

Brandi Carlile - “The Story” - I’m not exactly positive what it is that this song makes me feel, but I know that it makes me Feel Things.



MELTT Daily 7/10

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.51.17 PM.png

I don't think I know anyone who's ever had a good day on a Tuesday but THESE SONGS ARE GR8!!!!

Featuring: No Better Wolf Culture Saltlick 5 Year Plan The Front Bottoms  Save Face Jimmy Mayo Homesafe  The Story So Far Real Friends

No Better - “My Love Says Always” - No Better has an LP being released on July 27, which I am very excited for, but along with the actual album they’re having some TIGHT album release shows in CA that I wish I could attend.


Wolf Culture - “Wreck” - Check out UK punks Wolf Culture’s most streamed track! They’re also touring through the UK… be sure to catch them soon, if anyone who reads this is actually from the UK!

Saltlick - “Sleepyhead” - Bri rocks. Also, she sent me a sticker and it’s now on my guitar case and she’s releasing new music soon and it’s going to be sick.

5 Year Plan - “Awkward Conversations” - Got my attention via the song title bearing resemblance to the Front Bottoms song, it’s a pretty Pop Punk-y jam with a chorus that’s catchy as FUCK.

The Front Bottoms - “Awkward Conversations” - what did you think I was just going to not include this? Definitely in my Top 10 front bottoms songs (that’s a whole separate article) particularly of “I wish I could pretend to be all of the things you think you see in me”.

Save Face - “Nothin” - Get ready for me to not shut the fuck up about Save Face for the next month!!! Their album streams tomorrow, and the accompanying visuals go up on Friday.

Jimmy Mayo - “Monday Night Raw” - Not only should you be listening to Jimmy Mayo, you should be excited because they’re currently working on recording their second EP (insert sunglasses emoji here)

Homesafe - “Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams” - Seein’ Homesafe in brooklyn on Sunday, a gig for which I am very excited!!!

The Story So Far - “Clairvoyant” - This song always makes me think of crying with my friends junior/senior year of college. I don’t particularly know why I LIKE that feeling.

Real Friends - “Unconditional Love” - Newest Real Friends track. “Let me down, but you’ll never let me go” fucks me up!!!!


MELTT Daily - 7/9

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 1.02.18 PM.png

I hope this playlist makes your Monday not fucking suck! (I just assume all mondays fucking suck) 

Featuring: Turnover  Origami Angel Panic! At The Disco  Future Teens Tigers Jaw Mom Jeans The Obsessives Jonathan Van Ness WRENN  gloom

Turnover - “Interpersonal” - Ok, I know, I’m late to the Peripheral Vision game. Sometimes things just need to hit you at the right point in your life to stick.  

Origami Angel - “Thanks! I hate it” - NEW EP OUT NOW HOP ON THAT, EVERYONE WHO READS THIS EVERY DAY IS AUTOMATICALLY A FAN but yeah on the real you should go check it out. “I’m too broken to be with you/I’m too scared to be alone”

Panic! At The Disco - “High Hopes” - A) New Album. B) not only did Brendon Urie announce that he’s starting a new foundation to help LGBTQ+ youth, he ALSO announced that $1 from every ticket sale for this tour is going to the foundations. AND he came out as pansexual, SO THAT’S NEAT! Brendon Urie is out here living his best gay life.

Future Teens - “DTFL” - ya girl is seeing these pals next weekend (!!!) in Jersey City!! Come through for the gig of the century w/ Hodera and ManDancing.

Mom Jeans - “Pickle Bart” - Probably my second favorite song off the new album behind “now THIS is podracing”. Definitely has my favorite lyrics: “And if this is just a case of puppy love/than I’m still gald that it’s her/because if I don’t stand too long/then I don’t ever disappear”  

Tigers Jaw - “June” - “Forever kept, a memory made / Now you’re so sure, you’re always leading / All the same words now bring new meaning / I can hear you and I know you’re singing / ‘I’m here you know I’ll always remind you.’”

The Obsessives - “Surfer Rosa” - this song just gives off a ~chill summer mood~ to me, definitely something I needed today.

Jonathan Van Ness - “Getting Curious” - Technically not music, but you need to go listen to this podcast. Jonathan from Netflix’s Queer Eye has a fun discussion with experts on topics that he’s curious about! (For example, I listened to an episode about cults the other day on the train.)

WRENN - All My Friends - As much as I hate Spotify for underpaying their artists and making it impossible to buy advertising and promotion therefore squashing artists in the process, a lot of the new music I come across comes from Discover Weekly. Use your discover weekly playlists, y’all.

gloom - “I Usually Call This One ‘Dying’” - another Discover Weekly find. Initially, it reminds me of a combo of The Front Bottoms, Heart Attack Man, and Mom Jeans. Not exactly sure how I drew that conclusion, but here we are.

Zach from The Platypus Zine - MELTT 7/8

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 3.07.00 PM.png

Zach of The Platypus Zine schools us on their favs, as well the british punk acts we should be listening to!

Featuring: Bright Eyes Martha  itoldyouiwoildeatyou Tigers Jaw Carly Rae Jepsen AJJ Bomb The Music Industry! Drawstring Mom Jeans. Hodera  Los Campesinos! Kississippi Fresh  Muncie Girls Onsind

Bright Eyes - Poison Oak - Conor Oberst has the greatest voice in music and he never fails to make me cry. Saddest song ever.

Martha - 1967, I Miss You I’m Lonely - Really well written, super lyrical British pop. Both their albums are flawless.

itoldyouiwoildeatyou - Letters - The best emo band in Britain.

Tigers Jaw - Never Saw It Coming - The greatest song ever written. Enough said.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Boy Problems - People stopped paying attention to Carly Rae Jepsen just as she was getting good and that is a great injustice which we must all try to rectify.

AJJ - Big Bird -Ridiculous cathartic and absolutely massive sounding. Sean Bonnete is the emo dad I always wanted.

Bomb The Music Industry! - Future 86 - My favourite song by my favourite band :) 

Drawstring - Wasp - The song that got me into emo.

Mom Jeans. - now THIS is pod racing - The best song on the new album. Surprisingly beautiful.

Hodera - Best Intentions - Some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Los Campesinos! - The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future - One word to describe this: epic.

Kississippi - Easier To Love - Kississippi are just the best band and I dream of the day when they come play in the UK.

Fresh - Passing - The first band I ever interviewed for the zine. Super good pop punk FFO Joyce Manor and MoBo.

Muncie Girls - Respect - Really vital punk that’s kinda blowing up in the UK atm.

Onsind - God Hates Facts - Best song from scene heroes Onsind. The band that radicalised everyone I know.

MELTT Daily 7/6

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.44.50 PM.png

Check out some spicy hits I've been going through for the past two days! 

Coming up on Sunday we have Zach from our buddies The Platypus Zine! 

Featuring: Mom Jeans. Ernston Summerbruise Adjust the Sails Can't Swim Royal Wedding (FKA 3:00 Club) My Rising Fall Skytop Motel natural born kissers  Spoonboy

Mom Jeans. - "now THIS is pod racing" - my favorite track off of Mom Jeans. sophomore LP "Puppy Love", also another addition to my upcoming "Star Wars-themed songs" playlist.

Ernston - "My Glass Palm" - My friends make fuckin' awesome music-- this EP came out last week and I am low-key addicted to it. They also throw a hell of a party.  

Summerbruise - "Teeth (Not the Movie)' - In celebration of the fuckin killer playlist they made the other day, we're going to plug Summerbruise one more time. 

Adjust the Sails - "Last Song for You" - Found this band on a Front Bottoms' fan page, which is fitting because their sound is reminiscent of throwback Front Bottoms. @ Adjust the Sails, I'm sorry if you hate being compared to TFB, but to be fair, you posted this on a TFB page. 

Can't Swim - "Right Choice"  - It’s pop punk, but there’s something just a little different about it that I can’t put my finger on…

Royal Wedding (FKA 3:00 Club) - "Dustin Piper's (7th Failed Marriage)" - So fucking fun to see these guys live. Very much looking forward to their Sophomore LP. (It's not actually their second album, in fact it's their first, but apparently the drummer hates the term "sophomore LP", so I was instructed to use that term in reference to all their releases. 

My Rising Fall - "My Friends Don't Need Another Distraction" - Pop punk squad caused quite the ruckus last night at Boontunes-- hell yeah fuckin' right. 

Skytop Motel - Indie trio shredded at Boontunes last night-- we also got to set out a table about LEAD at their show! Fuck yeah. 

natural born kissers - "oregon trail" - not only do these pals rock hard, they are also severely nice people, and you should go listen to them. Please. 

Spoonboy - "Stab Yer Dad" - A song about exactly how shitty fathers can be, which is coincidentally also a jam that I would love to jump around to and see live. 

Summerbruise - 7/4

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.06.06 PM.png

umm this playlist F U C K S.

(thank you pals of Summerbruise!!!!) ((Happy 4th!!! stay cool and not sober))

Featuring:  Nowadays Great Wight Michael Cera Palin Retirement Party The Weak Days Great Grandpa Jouska The Flat Stanleys Toy Cars Lung Rozwell Kid  Swain stampeter Charly Bliss

Nowadays - "Bird Up" 

Great Wight - "Germany, 1991"

Michael Cera Palin - "Portrait of a Man on a Couch With Cats" 

Retirement Party - "Passionfruit Tea" 

The Weak Days - "National Harbor, MD" 

Great Grandpa - "Teen Challenge"

Jouska - "marcel"

The Flat Stanleys - "Zeppelin V (The House That Ewald Built)"

Toy Cars - "Cold"

Lung - "Bottom of the Barrel" 

Rozwell Kid - "Wish Man"    

Swain - "Never Clean My Room" 

stampeter - "pansy" 

Charly Bliss - "Urge to Purge" 

MELTT Special - Musicals Series #2

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.44.46 PM.png

Musicals Series # 2 -- my top-10 songs from shows that premiered after 1990, most of which are really gay! 

Featuring: The Producers, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Rent, Legally Blonde, Book of Mormon, Urinetown, Kinky Boots, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, A Very Potter Musical 

The Producers - "Keep it Gay" - This is my favorite musical post-1990. It's fucking hilarious-- Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick (Timon and Simba, fun fact) play off each other so well. Also- Do you want to go through and keep track of how many of these songs are loosely related to being queer? I do!!! This song is called Keep It Gay, for fuck's sake. 

Hamilton - "Cabinet Battle #1" - A 1790 cabinet meeting portrayed as a rap battle? How could that possibly work?? Ask Lin Manuel Miranda. (The underlying sexual tension between Hamilton and Jefferson is undeniable.) 

Dear Evan Hansen - "Waving Through a Window" - DEH has definitely been my favorite musical in the past couple years; this is definitely a Sing In The Shower When No One's Home song. Surprisingly not gay. 

Rent - "Rent" - This is probably my go-to angry theater song (besides "Do You Hear the People Sing"). Gay level: Rent. 

Legally Blonde - "There! Right There!" - DO NOT Knock Legally Blonde, the movie or the musical, in front of me. This musical is hilarious and well adapted. The chorus of this sing is literally "Gay or european?"

Book of Mormon - "Hello!" - This song pops into my head with no explanation at least once a week, if not more often. This song in particular isn't gay, but later in the show there's a song called "Turn It Off" about burying your gay thoughts deep down inside!!!!!!! Fun.  

Urinetown - "Run Freedom Run" - Just a catchy song from an under-appreciated and funny musical. 

Kinky Boots - "Soul of a Man" - Ok, your job right now is to go watch Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco! sing this song because it is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL just like he is. Best voice in pop music Do Not @ Me.  This is a show about making heels for drag queens. It rocks.  

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - "Wicked Little Town - Reprise" - The original version of this song in the show and the reprise are drastically different, and without giving away too much about this show it represents this huge transformation that's so emotional I just can't even describe it. 

A Very Potter Musical - "Granger Danger"  - If you've never ventured to the depths of YouTube to watch A Very Potter Musical, WELL, YOU SHOULD. Even if you're not that much of a HP fan it's STILL funny.  

MELTT Special - Musicals: Series 1

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 2.01.03 PM.png

Today's playlist consists of some my favorite showtunes from Broadway shows released prior to 1990. This was the most difficult playlist I have ever made, no lie. 

Featured shows: Les Miserables, West Side Story, Guys and Dolls, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Pippin, The Music Man, Funny Girl, The Sound of Music

Les Miserables - One Day More - Every current or recovering theatre nerd has sang all of the 10 or 11 parts of this song by themselves. Even if it's in a group where you could almost definitely divide it up amongst yourselves to make it more manageable. 

West Side Story - Something's Coming - this is perhaps the only song that makes me feel optimistic about life as a concept

Guys and Dolls - Sue Me - I think this song sparked my affinity for this phrase "sue me", which I often use to defend myself. It is much more useful now that my best friend is a lawyer and I can confidently say "sue me" and not be afraid of someone for actually suing me. 

Chicago - Cell Block Tango - This song makes me feel like I could kill a man, mostly because this song is actually about killing a man. 

Phantom of the Opera - Think of Me - Fun fact: I originally learned about this song in season 5 of American Idol when David Archuleta performed a stunning rendition. It's a travesty that he lost to that sun of a bitch David Cook. WHO ACTUALLY LIKED DAVID COOK?  

Grease - Summer Nights - I first watched this move when I was probably around 8 years old and always just thought this was an innocent fun song, UNTIL I WATCHED IT MY SOPHOMORE YEAR OF COLLEGE, and realized exactly how fuckin' dirty this musical is. "TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE DID YOU GET VERY FAR/SHE WAS GOOD, YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN" ARE YOU KIDDING ME DANNY ZUKO? 

Pippin - Corner of the Sky - Ok here's the thing: I don't really know that much about Pippin, but this song makes me want to run away from all the stupid bullshit in my life and just fall off the map. 

The Music Man - Goodnight My Someone - This is what I think of when I think typical love-song- lullaby, both in musicals and outside of them. I like how simple and innocent it is. 

Funny Girl - Don't Rain On My Parade - Another one of those songs that I sing when no one's home and I'm absolutely positive that no one can hear me at all. Again, recovering theater kid/Glee fan anthem. (Yes, I was a Glee fan.)  

The Sound of Music - Sixteen Going On Seventeen - I always loved this song growing up because it made me think about dancing around in a gazebo with my future boyfriend. BUT, LISTENING TO THIS SONG TODAY, IT'S ABOUT A GODDAMN SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD BOY CONVINCING THIS GIRL TO LET HIM LEAD HER AROUND THE COMPLICATED WORLD OF MEN, AS IF HE KNOWS ANYTHING , BECAUSE SHE'S NAIIVE????? DIRECT QUOTE: "I need someone older and wiser telling me what to do" OLDER AND WISER MY ASS, HE PROBABLY CAN'T GROW FACIAL HAIR. End rant. But I still like this song. 

On a personal note, I chose to post my two initial theater playlists today and tomorrow because my good friend Matthew passed away unexpectedly last Wednesday. He was always involved in theater and preforming, and when I was in the same activities I admired him as someone to look up to. He lived across the street from me, and I will miss him occasionally knocking on my kitchen window and scaring the shit out of me dearly. 

MELTT Daily 7/1

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 1.42.21 PM.png

hello my good people, I promise to return to a consistent schedule soon but I have kind of a Hard Week this week, but in the mean time here is a Pretty Dope Playlist.

Featuring: Kississippi Super American ManDancing Just Nick Sincere Engineer Pinguin Mofex Chousand Madd Placeholder

Kississippi - “Shamer” - Everyone needs to defend their friends like Zoe does. I admire it. I wish I had as much courage as she does in calling people out on their bullshit. Way to be. 

Super American - “Hands Down Olivia” - Released Friday along with a music video. This is one of the most wholesome songs I have heard in a Long Time, and I’m so excited for the rest of Tequila Sunrise (regardless of whether or not it’s wholesome), released this summer by Take This To Heart records.

ManDancing - “Passing Out” - ANOTHER *fucking sick* TTTH release with accompanying music video, in preparation for another summer release! New EP out on July 13 (which is going to be a great day for music).

Just Nick - “Cordelia” - I’ve had sleepless nights struggling over what exactly folk punk is, and this new album is pretty much the closest I’ve gotten. This new album premiered on The Alternative last week and defined it as such, a statement that I’d heavily agree with-- particularly because of that solid harmonica.

Sincere Engineer - “Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7” - Proof that eye-catching titles of songs are thee true gateway to discovering good music.

Pinguin Mofex - “Gutterquarter” - Something about “I didn’t want you til you were gone/And now you’re back and I’m wishing I could be alone” just like…. Got me?

Chousand - “Subaru” - Your typical Spotify discover weekly, Blink-reminiscent pop punk anthem; but it’s goofy and fun, and the music video just makes it look like they’re a bunch of pals having a great ass time living life, which is really what’s important.

Madd - “Infared” - “But we still drink poison in a bottle labeled Chardonnay” -- I like the fact that alcohol is literally poison we put in our bodies that doesn’t feel like poison for a few hours then feels like poison the next morning. It’s in the top 5 stupidest things that we as humans regularly do to ourselves to feel cool, and everyone KNOWS that, and we still do it anyway. Also this is a fucking great and catchy song.

Placeholder - “Too Drunk to Love” - Very fitting with the lyrics of the previous song.








MELTT Daily 6/27-29

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 11.06.43 AM.png

This playlist has been up for a while, but I'm just now getting to the commentary. I've just been really TIRED and BUSY attempting to start a nonprofit and also going to a lot of shows. 

featuring: Ernston Feeny Foxwood Green Day  The Front Bottoms Mamma Mia Cast Liza Anne Leikeli47

Ernston - "My Glass Palm" - I listen to this song when I'm on the train. I listen to it in the shower. I listen to it at work when I should be doing other things. It's from my pals in Ernston's new EP Clay City Rhythm, out now, and I cannot stop listening to it. They also throw a hell of a party. 

Feeny - "Puzo" - This is Jersey band Feeny's newest release, out back in January.... new album soon please? UPDATE: 30 minutes after I initially wrote this blurb I realized that Ernston and Feeny are playing a show together in 2 weeks... go to that. 


Foxwood - "Death Star" - This is very much a Late Night Song, proven by the fact that I listened to it on repeat from 2-3AM the other day. U rock, Jordi. Keep it up with the Star Wars-titled music. 

The Front Bottoms - "Somebody Else" - Look, I know it's not "cool" to like the front bottoms, and that they've "sold out" or whatever because now they're on FBR, but I like them. A lot. And this is the first song I ever learned how to play on guitar, so it holds a special place in my heart. Also, to all the haters who say "they haven't released any good music since 2011", this song was written in 2009 and re-recorded this year. In conclusion: fuck off and let me enjoy things. 

Mamma Mia Cast - "Money Money Money" - This is all I think about for my new epilepsy-based nonprofit thing. Because everything costs too much money. How can you fix this, you ask? I have a GoFundMe set up so you can donate to getting this project of sending laminated epilepsy warning sheets to whoever wants them. (Also a preview of my upcoming best-of-musicals playlist that roughly none of you want to listen to) 

Liza Anne  - "Panic Attack" - Stolen form the Spotify timeline of my friend Andrea tbh. 

Leikeli47 - "Wash and Set" - My sister played this song for me with the preface that it was 'the worst song she'd ever heard", so I assumed it was going to be some shitty emo, but instead it was this song.  I'm so confused.