6/5 - Foxwood, a playlist by MELTT Magazine on Spotify

Today’s playlist is from Florida emo project Foxwood! Check them out here and enjoy their (frickin’ sweet) playlist! 

Featuring: Oso Oso Retirement Party  Yuck Smoking Popes Green Day Mom Jeans. Graduating Life Macseal Cloud District Worst Party Ever Field Medic Five for Fighting Nana Grizol TV Girl Heyrocco You Blew It! The Flat Stanleys Two Knights Modern Baseball

“This Must Be a Place” by Oso Oso 

“Hall Beach” by Retirement Party 

“Hold Me Closer” by Yuck 

“Megan”  by Smoking Popes

“Going to Pasalacqua” by Green Day 

“Heck You Bart, Pt. II: Electric Boogaloo” by Mom Jeans., Graduating Life 

“5:45 A.m” by Macseal 

“The Conviction One” by Cloud District 

“Sub Bean Every Day” by Worst Party Ever 

“uuu” by Field Medic  

“Love Song” by Five for Fighting 

“Mississippi Swells” by Nana Grizol 

“Heaven Is A Bedroom” by TV Girl

“Loser Daniel” by Heyrocco

“Match & Tinder” by You Blew It! 

“Zeppelin V (The House That Ewald Built)” by The Flat Stanleys 

“Benji’s Cool Times Summer Jamz” by Two Knights 

“The Quark” by Modern Baseball 

“This Must Be My Exit” by Oso Oso 

6/4 - Saltlick, a playlist by MELTT Magazine on Spotify

Today’s guest is Columbus/Pittsburgh-based artist saltlick! Check out their new EP Save It for Another Day, released on May 25. 

Featuring: Tranquility Gabe Maas and the Bruins Spirit of the Bear Absinthe Father The Aces Petal Sidney Gish Snarls  Glaze Verdigrls Snail Mail Speedy Ortiz

“Tamarack” by Tranquility - I got a chance to open for this band a few days ago and they go HARD. I literally haven’t stopped playing this song since I found out I was sharing the stage with them.

“Hypnotic” by Gabe Maas and the Bruins - When I saw Gabe perform in Donato’s Basement before me, the first thing that came to mind was “he doesn’t belong down here.” How this guy isn’t selling out arenas yet is beyond me - watch out within the next couple years.

“The Weed Song” by Absinthe Father - When I first moved to Columbus, Haley made me feel very “at home” in the scene, and I love them for that. They have always treated me as an equal rather than just “some kid who is trying to play some basements.” Plus they make some amazing music, too (dare I say that they fuck?).

“Run My Mouth” by Spirit of the Bear - I go to school with James from this band at Capital University, and they’re a mainstay band there. They’re so talented and definitely deserve all your attention.

“Volcanic Love” by The Aces - I saw this band play at CD 102.5 Holiday Show with the likes of Alvvays and Spoon, and they BLEW ME AWAY. These ladies are hilarious on Twitter and wrote probably one of the best albums of 2018.

“Stardust” by Petal - After seeing Kiley open up for Julien Baker in October of last year, I was able to talk with her at the merch booth and basically that made me love her even more than when I saw her honest performance live. Kiley Lotz made me realize that I can write my music all by myself and make it happen. She is probably my main influence in music overall, bar none. She is actually what inspired me to start Saltlick, and for that, I am forever grateful.

“Sophisticated Space” by Sidney Gish - Groovy. I want to hang out with this chick. Hit me up.

“Emo Track #2” by Snarls - Snarls are my best friends. I played two gigs with them in March and I’m happy to play with them again on the 14th (shameless gig plug!). The first time I saw them play I almost started crying because the power that comes out of these four is more than even some of the pros I see playing. I’m lucky to even be a part of their journey as they tear up the world.

“No Surprises” by Glaze - During school I am a radio DJ for WXCU Radio and during my late night shift (9pm-11pm!), I would spin this track all the time. It’s very dreamy and makes me feel like floating.

“Feeling Nervous” by Verdigrls - My sister introduced me to this band, and every time you would pass my dorm during this past school year you would 100% hear me blasting this song. I can’t wait to see what this band does next.

“Pristine” by Snail Mail - I’ve been listening to Snail Mail for a long time and Lush is going to be one of the best albums ever. One day I’ll cover this song, but until I get that confidence I’ll continue to air-guitar to it in my room.

“Raising the Skate” by Speedy Ortiz - My sister made me put this on the playlist. Not to say I don’t like Speedy Ortiz: in fact, I LOVE THEM. This song makes me feel like I can do anything ever, so if you want to feel like you can do anything ever, listen to this song immediately.

6/3- The Royal Wedding (Formerly 3:00 Club), a playlist by MELTT Magazine on Spotify

Give this playlist a listen– curated and compiled by The Royal Wedding! (fka 3:00 Club.) Check out their show at Meatlocker in Montclair NJ on June 17. And bring your dad because it’s fathers’ day. :) 

Featuring: Wolf Parade Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Songs: Ohia Blur T.V. On The Radio Danny Brown Blonde Redhead Radiohead Iceage  Low Roar Swans 

“Grounds for Divorce” by Wolf Parade - an essential indie track in my opinion, the eccentric vocals and blood pumping guitars of Wolf Parade never cease to enthrall me.

“Stagger Lee” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - if you like your singer-songwriters to be excessively theatrical, dark, grimey, and seductive all at the same time, this is for you.

“John Henry Split My Heart” by Songs: Ohia - Country gets a bad rap nowadays, so let’s remember some of the guys that can prove just how amazing this genre can be. Jason Molina is also one of the best lyricists of the 2000s, fight me.

“Trimm Trabb” by Blur - Blur’s 13 instantly captured my heart on first listen (it’s amazing, definitely check it out) and this track pretty much sums up what that whole album is about. Very potent sadness all throughout.

“Crying” by T.V. On The Radio - these guys quickly became personal favorites of mine with their sexy singing and gorgeously layered instrumentals. Blends funk, art-rock, and electronics. Oh, and the hooks? Yeah, the effin’ hooks.

“Ain’t it Funny” by Danny Brown - few tracks on my playlists need to played at full volume every single time they come on. This is one of them. You’ll understand.

“Misery is a Butterfly” by Blonde Redhead - one of the most gorgeous and haunting tracks from one of the most overlooked 90’s-2000’s indie bands. The chorus on this has me SWOONING.

“The National Anthem” by Radiohead - this song single-handedly got me interested in free-form jazz. The groove on this thing? Man, the GROOVE on this thing. Best Radiohead song, fight me.

“Catch It” by Iceage - these guys are one of my favorite modern hardcore punk bands, and this single has been one of the most bumpin’ hooky tear-your-face-off songs of the year.

“I’ll Keep Coming” by Low Roar - the slow-burner to end all slow-burners. This was the first song I heard by this incredibly atmospheric, icy folktronica band out of Iceland, and boy does it still impress me.

“A Little God in My Hands” by Swans - The first song to ever truly make me reel back in terror and excitement EVERY DAMN TIME.

6/2 - This Band Fucks (@thisbandfucks), a playlist by MELTT Magazine on Spotify

Songs That Fuck by Bands That Fuck.

Today’s playlist is coordinated by Haley Butters, the power behind twitter account @thisbandfucks!

Check out their new album here!

Featuring: Gulfer Teenage Wrist Ness Lake The Internet Power Funeral Third Eye Blind Lina Tullgren Young Jesus Retirement Party Mallrat  Long Neck  Have A Good Season Mover Shaker Nervous Dater Save Face Charmer Who Loves You Birdperson Pile Jouska  Mazzy Star  Slowdive Lomelda Tyler, The Creator

“Doglife” by Gulfer

“Afterglow” by Teenage Wrist

“Forgot” by Ness Lake

“Special Affair” by The Internet

“Thanks a Lot” by Third Eye Blind

“Movies” by Power Funeral

“Older” by Lina Tullgren

“Slug” by Young Jesus

“Scene 48″ by Retirement Party

“I Don’t Hate My Body I’m Just Afraid Of It” by Mallrat

“Ashes” by Long Neck

“The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (and What Became of It) by Have A Good Season

“No Backyard” by Mover Shaker

“Fun Dumpster” by Nervous Dater

“Heartache” by Save Face

“Sportsmanship of the Year” by Charmer

“Primer” by Who Loves You

“Squid Pro Roe(d)” by Birdperson

“Baby Boy” by Pile

“changeling” by Jouska

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

“Good Man” by Third Eye Blind

“Alison” by Slowdive

“Columbia River” by Lomelda

6/1 - Middle Kid, a playlist by MELTT Magazine on Spotify

Hi I’m Zack from Middle Kid and I think I wrote entirely too much but I’m super enthusiastic about it! Huge thank you to Ellie from MELTT for letting me be really self-indulgent with my musical tastes and putting out consistently sweet playlists. Thanks to everyone who checks out this playlist and hopefully you get something out of it!

featuring: Mothpuppy  Mr. Husband Jim Shorts  Death Cab for Cutie Alvvays Lubec Jack Little Lungs awakebutstillinbed  Ratboys Alex G Amanaz Oscar Isaac Hovvdy Donnie & Joe Emerson

“Kilgore Falls” by Mothpuppy - If you know me at all, you know I’ve been hardcore promoting Mothpuppy in the past several months. Morgan’s songwriting is totally incredible & this record is one of the best I’ve heard in recent memory.

“Yellow” by Mr. Husband - Kinny and the boys do it again with this song from their new record Silvertone. It’s wonderful and beachy and gets stuck in my head 100% of the time. Kenny is my idol as far as marketing and promotion go. I think so much of what he does is next level, and, maybe more importantly, the music is equally killer.

“24,000″ by Jim Shorts - David is really good at writing really catchy pop-guitar melodies and on top of that, has zero problems being unrelentingly adorable lyrically (Lots of nice words about his wife on this record) while also wearing his Built to Spill/Guided by Voices influences visibly on his sleeve.

“Expo ‘86″ by Death Cab for Cutie - I’m obsessed with the way Ben Gibbard’s vocals play off the guitar melody in this song. You can practically see them bouncing off of each other until the choruses hit.

“Lollipop (Ode to Jim)” by Alvvays - This song is unabashedly poppy and I am HERE for it. I got to this album late, but I’ve been obsessive about it since then. Lollipops and gumdrops and LSD and Jim Reid.

“Failed Pilot” by Lubec - I had the super super pleasure of hosting this band last year and they absolutely amazed. They’re also some of the nicest people I have ever met. About the song itself, I chose Failed Pilot because vocal melodies tend to be the things I’m most drawn to in songs, and I love the way the melody in this song continually stutters and resolves in the opening half. (Lubec if you see this please come back to MD soon)

“Anxiety” by Jack - Another band we played with in Baltimore recently that totally floored me. Brittany’s writing both lyrically and musically seems super emotionally-driven and it comes through in a huge way.

“Chicago” by Little Lungs - We’ve become good friends with Little Lungs and as such we’ve realized how similar our paths have been recently, as we’re both considering whether or not our sounds are particularly representative of where we want to be right now, but I will say that this whole record rips, so y’know, they can change if they want but I’d also be happy with more of this.

“fathers” by awakebutstillinbed - This band is totally killing it right now and I think that’s wholly attributed to their super admirable work ethic. I picked this song specifically because it’s one of those songs that starts strong and doesn’t let you take a breath until the final third of the song. I think it’s sweet to feel so totally gripped by a song.

“Crying About the Planets” by Ratboys - I personally think that Ratboys have really turned into this generation’s Death Cab, albeit with a flair that distinguishes them greatly. This song in particular reminds me of “Bixby Canyon Bridge” in the way that it starts so quiet and introspective and eventually builds up to this huge, fuzzy moment before laying softly back down.

“Guilty” by Alex G - One of my favorite things about Alex G is that he doesn’t let himself stay confined to any one particular sound, and yet you can 100% tell that it’s an Alex G song regardless of how wild it gets. For this song, I just think it’s really nice.

“Khala My Friend” by Amanaz - I found this band from the soundtrack of the movie The Comedy and when I heard it, I couldn’t believe it was from 1975. Tons of noodly guitar and fuzzy solos throughout the overall calmly-tempered song make for something that was way ahead of its time. I think this band only has like one record, but it’s well worth the listen. 

“Green, Green Rocky Road” by Oscar Isaac - This song comes from the soundtrack of the movie Inside Llewyn Davis. Oscar Isaac has a beautiful voice for folk music and that’s all I need to say about that.

“In the Sun” by Hovvdy - Andrew and Austin (the other two members of Middle Kid) both love Hovvdy and as a result, I got way into this record, mainly because of the way it calmed me down. I haven’t taken the time to really delve into the lyrics yet, but the tone of the whole thing has the same effect on me as a nice room painted sky blue with a big window on a sunny day. 

“Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson - This song also came from the soundtrack from The Comedy and it means an awful lot to me. Whenever my partner, Emily, or I are having a hard day or are stressing about anything, one of us will turn on this song and slow dance around the apartment, and as a result, this song can calm me down from practically anything. 

Thanks so much Zach!!  

Tomorrow we have @thisbandfucks, should be going up maybe around 2 EST! 

5/31 - The Trust Fund Kids

The Trust Fund Kids hooked us up with a sick playlist today! Their new single, “Mercy Me”, is out June 8– and get to their show with The Royal Wedding (formerly 3:00 club)Shark Club, and Olive & the Pitz in July at Meatlocker! 

Featuring:  Smith Westerns Pavement Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam  Liz Phair  Alvvays  Frank Ocean  Desire Taylor Swift Bruce Springsteen Sun Kil Moon They Might Be Giants 

“Varsity” by Smith Westerns - This one’s perfect for the warm weather. Smith Westerns (RIP) made such a great blend of synthpop, indie rock, and 70’s garage rock which speaks to me on a spiritual level. It reminds me of MGMT, Bowie, and T-Rex hugging and it makes me feel warm inside.

In The Mouth A Desert by Pavement - For some reason, Pavement are such a great band to listen to right as it’s getting warm. Maybe because I got into them last Spring and have memories of listening to this song while going for walks in suburbia in balmy weather. Regardless, this is catchy and depressing, which is the ideal blend.

A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - This song reminds me of Vampire Weekend and Bruce Springsteen hugging. Lots of hugging. Good vibes.

Fuck And Run (Girly-Sound Version) by Liz Phair - Hats off to the queen Liz Phair. This is a great lo-fi version of a classic indie rock song.

Party Police by Alvvays - This song is that perfect, aforementioned blend of catchy and depressing. Alvvays are great, Canadian, and look weirdly alike to the cast of Scooby Doo so win-win-win.

Self Control by Frank Ocean - It’s like neo-soul swallowed an oldies song. Love you Frank. Blonde is a masterpiece.

Under Your Spell by Desire - great synthpop song.

Getaway Car by Taylor Swift - this is such a bop.

I’m Goin’ Down by Bruce Springsteen - I’m from New Jersey so this inclusion of Springsteen is self-explanatory.

Carissa by Sun Kil Moon - beautiful, haunting folk song. The instrumental portion is gorgeous to me, every single time.

Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants - This is such a weird, fun bop.

5/30 - Open Door Records

Hello! today Los Angeles based DIY label Open Door Records was kind enough to make y’all this sick playlist! 

Featuring: Who Are The Toms Melted  Graduating Life  Soccer Mommy The Smilies Just Friends  Fk MtBarely March  Joyce Manor  Foxy Dads Jump Cut Camp Cope  I’m Glad It’s You

“U Were The 1-2” by Who Are The Toms - FKA The Toms, Who Are The Toms are a powerpop powerhouse and their split with Snooze slaps. It deserves more recognition so I choose it as the opener for this list.

“Low” by Melted - This is my first biased track because Melted are my homies for life but Low is great song and I’ll fight you if you disagree.

“Conceal” by Graduating Life - It’s a well known fact that Graduating Life fucks(shout out to @thisbandfucks) and Conceal is no exception to this .

“Cool” by Soccer Mommy - I first listened to Soccer Mommy because they were hella hyped online but it’s justified and I want to be as cool as this song. I fucking love how the song breaks apart at the end.

“Higher II” by The Smilies - Just dropped the 2nd Ep by Oakland rockers The Smilies. They are really low key but more people need to check them out. We got tape preorders at opendoorrecords.org

“Sad 2 See” by Just Friends - Just Friends is about to take over the world with Nothing But Love. I’m not Sad 2 See all the haters eat their mother fucking words.

“Sad” by Fk Mt. - Fk Mt. makes me legit Sad and want to get high.

“Thinking Emoji” by Barely March - Barley March came out of nowhere with a fantastic DIY record and Thinking Emoji is my favorite track on it. Highly recommend listing to the whole thing if you haven’t.

“See How Tame I Can Be” by Joyce Manor - I wanted to include something popular in this playlist. This is from my favorite Joyce Manor record Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired. It’s a short listen but it’s perfect all the way through. I love how they experimented on this release.

“My Mom Was A Witch Tru Life” by Foxy Dads - I love this song because for whatever reason it gave me Prince Daddy vibes. Funny enough, when I met Ilana I told them how I felt about the song and they told me Cam from Pdaddy wrote the guitar part.

“22 - Filmore” by Jump Cut - Jump Cut is one of my best friends and one of the reasons I wanted to start a label. He is the embodiment of DIY and everyone should listen to his record.

“Animal & Real” by Camp Cope - The new Camp Cope is probably my most listened to record of 2018 it’s really hard hitting and great and “Animal & Real”is a good taste of what they can do.

“A Long December” by I’m Glad It’s You - This is a Counting Crows cover. I never got into Counting Crows but I saw IGIY play this live once and I thought it was great closer. IGIY are good dudes backed hard.

5/29 - *repeat repeat

Today’s playlist is courtesy of Nashville group *repeat repeat! Check out their set at Bonnaroo from June 7-10. 

Apologies for the late post, your friendly neighborhood curator is not feeling too hot today /:

Featuring: MGMT Jay Som The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Saintseneca Now, Now  The Teddybears (feat. Cee Lo Green and The B-52’s) Salt-N-Pepa Caroline Rose You Won’t Superorganism L'Imperatrice Dante Elephante Alvvays 

“When You Die” by MGMT Everything about this song is weird and perfect. The gunshot, the panning laugh track. It is so different and so MGMT.

“Baybee” by Jay Som - We found out about Jay Som through listening to Alvvays (they also toured together) and this track is groovy and perfect for summertime. The pre-chorus has this “ooh” harmony effect that makes me ready to go on a long summer drive with the windows down.

“Fingertips” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre - We played with these guys at Shaky Knees festival this year in ATL. We got to watch them soundcheck at 10am, and this song always feels like smoking a bowl in the morning.

“Sleeper Hold” by Saintseneca - We’ve been really into Saintseneca lately. It’s the perfect concoction of pop grooves and melancholic lyrics that parallelize the listener into feeling something totally original. You could take the three parts of this song (verses, pre-chorus, chorus) and they could each be a huge song on their own. Instead, the band smashes them together into something exceptional.

“SGL” by Now, Now - There is a big pop music scene in Nashville right now. In our opinion, this is one of the best pop songs to come out in the last several years. The whole structure, when the bass comes in, the vocals and the production are so saccharine and sweet, while maintaining an organic feel to the instrumentation that separates itself from the tradition laptop-electro-overproduced generic pop that is coming out in waves.

“Cho Cha” by The Teddybears (feat. Cee Lo Green and The B-52’s) - Weird song. Really catchy. The shortest cameo by The B-52’s. Any song that has meow sounds in it has our stamp of approval.

“None Of Your Business” by Salt-N-Pepa - Timely and timeless. Let the ladies do whatever the fuck they want.

“To Die Today” by Caroline Rose - What we love about this song is that not only is it holds its own among the other great songs on Caroline’s record, but it is completely different than any song on that album too. The fact that she chose to put it on there, and the label approved it, is amazing. It’s so good but nothing like her other singles. If you think you know Caroline Rose, you have no idea.

“Ya Ya Ya” by You Won’t - This is our folk pick. We don’t know much about this band. But we played this song every morning when we woke up for like 6 months. Fucking yodel on, boys.

“The Prawn Song” by Superorganism - Watch the Tiny Desk Concert.

“Parfum Theremine” by L'Imperatrice  - We’re really into French Pop from the 60’s (a la The Ye Ye Girls) and this feels like a rebirth in the new century. This song has one of the coolest bass-drum grooves in the mid-section of the song.

“Never Trust a Junkie” by Dante Elephante - THIS SONG THIS SONG THIS SONG

“Forget About Life” by Alvvays - Kristyn’s favorite bands: #1 The Beatles. #2 Alvvays. She cried when we saw them live. They are perfection.

Up tomorrow: Open Door Records!!

Winnebago Vacation - 5/20

Today’s playlist courtesy of Winnebago Vacation! They wanted to let the music stand for itself, so sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

I picked these songs for a couple different reasons. Either they’re written by friends I love, people who I am influenced by, people who have an important message…or the songs are just catchy af. Thanks y’all for listening and MELTT for making great playlists and allowing me to share some music with y’all (: enjoy!

“Instagram Death Threat” by Secret Mountain


“Particle Mace” by Aye Nako

“White Flag” by Dido

“(No Name) Audiotree Live Version” by Vagabon

“Going Good / Good Going” by Foxy Dads

“XXX FEAT. U2.″ by Kendrick LamarU2

“Hanging Out” by Dolly Spartans

“For The Rest of Your Life” by Peaer 

“Vacation” by Crying

“One Three Wurts” by Schmave

“Sound & Color” by Alabama Shakes

“Jumping Someone Else’s Train” by The Cure

“*_*” by LVL UP 

“Harnessed in Slums” by Archers of Loaf

“Linger” by The Cranberries

“Powerful Man” by (Sandy) Alex G

“Don’t Let It Bring You Down - Live at Massey Hall 1971″ by Neil Young

“Foam (For Alyssa)” by Loone